The most common mistake that women make is in thinking that their physical appearance is the only thing that matter. While it’s true, good looks will attract men, it’s really your personality and how you carry yourself that keeps them. Beauty is still very subjective. Even though society has painted a very strong image of what beauty is, there are millions of people out there who find you beautiful and attractive even if you don’t fit that profile. Women who do fit society’s profile of beauty tend to mistaken it to be their ticket to a happy relationship and happy life. They rely on it alone to attract men. It’s not their fault because the media has brain washed them into thinking looks alone will get them anything they want in life, including wealth and happiness. The problem is, relying on good looks alone will attract the wrong kind of men. It attracts the kind of men who will sleep with you, but they will never love you or marry you. To get out of this cycle of sleeping with men who will never commit, you’ll need to get inside a man’s head and find out how we think. If your goal is just to have as many partners as you can get, then good for you. We’re not here to judge anyone. So just keep on doing what you do as long as you are happy with the results.